Welcome to the Rainforest Challenge (RFC). I am sure that by surfing this website, you are an adventurer at heart, with a love for the great outdoor lifestyle.

The RFC is a sports/adventure tourism event, first  launched in Malaysia on 23 Nov 1997 and since then it has attracted participants and media from around the world. It is a tough event for 4×4 enthusiasts who dream of taking on a jungle adventure with all its hardship, endurance and extremities. The sweat, the mud, the rain soaked jungle, the humidity, the insects, the creatures of the night, the fellowship of men/women, the teamwork, the camaraderie, swollen, muddy rivers and monsoon are all there for you to experience.

If you wish to join us in this “mother event” RFC, positive mindset to enjoy everything that the jungle can throw at you plus a good sense of humour are essential. When the chips are down, when nothing seems to go right, you will need these qualities to go through and enjoy the event. Rain is king in the RFC. When it rains, it pours like there is no tomorrow.  Therefore, being panicky and negative won’t help, be cool. Remember that you are made of stronger stuff than you can ever imagine. By living out this adventure, we hope that you will discover or re-discover your sense of being.

The jungle terrain is unlike any that you have ever faced before. Here, in only 2 kms of track, you will find numerous types of natural obstacles which would need hours to get through. Programmes and schedules are only guidelines once we start the ground operations. In the jungle, the tracks can change from easy to extreme hardcore within hours of heavy rain resulting in landslides, erosion and floods. Therefore, the constant changing of schedules are the norm but do not miss the daily briefings to get updated news. Sometimes the decisions taken may not be to your liking, but remember that we have to take care of the overall good for the convoy comprising of hundreds of participants and vehicles. Just adapt to the flow of happenings, go along and enjoy the event.

The RFC is closely followed by the motoring, lifestyle, off-road and adventure media from around the world, this is one off-road event with the excellent opportunity for the visibility of your sponsors while you are enjoying the greatest time of your outdoor life. However, the RFC is not for the faint-hearted nor for the uninitiated. Only those with a passion for adventure with a get-up and get-going attitude and well-prepared hardware will be ready to enjoy the event. Are you one of us?

Since 2007, the RFC event format has also expanded to other parts of the world. There are now RFC events happening from Europe to Asia and within the next few years a truly global series is in the making. Even though these overseas RFC events have their own characteristics, all of them have the essence of the RFC. Our growth and expansion are made possible by all of you out who dream of doing something unique, something different from the ordinary. We in the RFC hope to fulfill your dream and live an exciting lifestyle away from everydayness. Thanks to our legions of fans/aficionados from all over the world for believing in us.

In the making of the RFC here in Malaysia and around the world, I am thankful for all the support, cooperation and services from sponsors, authorities, officials, media and everyone who has played a role directly and indirectly through the years. I am also very grateful to the many officials who have given their best efforts and stood the test of time with me in continuously making the RFC year after year. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, thanks for seeing the bigger picture of RFC with me. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary year, I would like to say congrats…..this is your glory as much as mine.

Life is an adventure. Live it to the full, don’t wait for tomorrow if you can make it today.


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